The desinfoEND Assessors’ Panel

The Assessor Panel is a group of renowned experts in Dialogic Learning and Media Literacy in charge of the external evaluation of the project. These highly skilled professionals play a pivotal role in reviewing and evaluating the project’s outcomes (Toolkit and MOOC), ensuring the quality and effectiveness of the desinfoEND. Their expertise and specialized knowledge enable them to critically analyze the results, indentify areas of improvement, and provide valuable recommendations to enhance the efforts of the Consortium in combating disinformation. The Assessor Panel collaborates closely with project stakeholders, providing valuable insights and recommendations to enhance our strategies and approaches. Their external evaluation of the Toolkit and the MOOC contributes to the credibility and integrity of the project, ensuring that we uphold the highest standards of quality and accountability in our aim to combating disinformation. In additon, to the experts evaluation, the desinfoEND Assessor Panel includes the perspectives and experiences of the target group, as well as professionals from adult education organizations. The diverse composition of ensures that our evaluations reflect real-world needs and challenges faced by the target group of the project.

Why have an assessors Panel in the desinfoEND project?

Expertise and Insight: the desinfoEND Assessor Panel members bring a diverse range of expertise in dialogic learning, media literacy, and related fields. Their deep understanding of these subjects allows for nuanced evaluations and valuable insights into our project’s strategies and outcomes.

Rigorous Evaluation Process: Through a structured and rigorous evaluation process, the Assessor Panel meticulously assesses every aspect of our project, from its conceptual framework to its real-world impact. Their thorough examination ensures that our efforts meet the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.

Continuous Improvement: By identifying strengths, weaknesses, and areas for growth, the Assessor Panel plays a key role in driving continuous improvement within our project. Their constructive feedback and recommendations help us refine our approaches, adapt to evolving challenges, and stay ahead of the curve in the fight against disinformation.

Transparency and Accountability: As an external body, the Assessor Panel provides an additional layer of transparency and accountability to our project. Their independent perspective fosters trust and confidence among stakeholders, demonstrating our commitment to integrity and excellence.

Inclusivity and Representation: The Assessor Panel values inclusivity by incorporating perspectives from our project’s target group and professionals working in adult education. This ensures our evaluations are relevant and sensitive to community needs, empowering individuals to navigate disinformation effectively.


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