DesinfoEND brings people together in Spain!

This week marked a significant milestone in adult education as the Multiplier Event unfolded at the School for Adults La Verneda – Sant Martí in Barcelona, Spain as we carried out on  Monday the 11th of December the Multiplier event of DesinfoEND! The spotlight was on the unveiling of the Pilot Course, a groundbreaking initiative conducted during the 2022-2023 academic year, featuring notable enhancements for the ongoing 2023-2024 session.

Amplifying learners voices

At the heart of the event was the emphasis on amplifying learner voices, as both a dedicated volunteer and a participant from the pilot course shared their immersive experiences—providing valuable insights into the co-creation of the project’s outcomes

Engaging in the pilot course was a transformative journey that allowed us to actively contribute to shaping the future of adult education,

Attendees were introduced to the Toolkit (Curriculum and Methodology), designed to guide the implementation of Dialogic Media Literacy Gatherings. These gatherings serve as a powerful tool to combat disinformation in adult education. Notably, the project’s website will soon host these essential documents, making them easily accessible for educators and practitioners.

Empowering educators and learners alike is crucial in addressing the challenges posed by misinformation

The ending of the event marked the unveiling of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) meticulously crafted to train educators and volunteers in adult education. The MOOC focuses on imparting ICTs and Media Literacy competences while fostering critical thinking—a key strategy in the battle against disinformation. Scheduled for launch in the first week of January, the MOOC will be available on the project’s website in English, Spanish, Italian, and Romanian.

The Multiplier Event served as a platform to showcase not only the strides made in adult education through the innovative Pilot Course but also the tools and resources poised to make a lasting impact on media literacy and critical thinking. As the initiative continues to gain momentum, its influence promises to reshape the landscape of adult education in the years to come.

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Critical Thinking against Disinformation