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In a celebratory culmination of efforts, the European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) organized the Final Conference & Networking Reception for the DesinfoEND Project in Brussels. Held at the European Parliament on November 29, 2023, the event brought together a diverse range of voices, sparking engaging dialogues and unveiling impactful results in the fight against disinformation. Our efforts were essentially supported by the organization of the Life Long Learning Week 2023 initiative, and we are also grateful for their unwavering support in championing critical thinking and media literacy. The collaborative efforts underscored a commitment to fostering an informed and engaged European society.

Hosted at the European Parliament

We were extremely grateful to be hosted by Member of the European Parliament (M.E.P.) Marcos Ros, in such an event that served as a platform for celebrating innovative approaches to countering disinformation across Europe. From insightful discussions to the revelation of the project’s outcomes, the event showcased the collective dedication to promoting critical thinking and media literacy.

“We want to encourage you all to continue your work in the dev of critical thinking. […] In the European Parliament, the home of all Europeans, we consider your work essential for al long us.”

– M.E.P Marcos Ros

The conference delved into the challenges posed by the proliferation of disinformation and underscored the pivotal role of lifelong learning and adult education. Marcos ROS SEMPERE, MEP, reminded attendees of the transformative power of education, urging them to embrace critical thinking as a tool for active citizenship. He advocated for EU initiatives focusing on media and information literacy to pave the way for a more informed Europe.

The DesinfoEND team took the stage to present the project’s objectives, emphasizing social inclusion, critical civic engagement, and the promotion of common EU values. The comprehensive approach aimed to tackle the multifaceted issue of disinformation by empowering individuals through education.

“Everyone had a voice and everyone was listened to”- Liliana Badii, learner from GIE

“It is important to know which information is right or false. I valued the possibility to share information with other participants and with the partners of the project” – Dolores Verdugo Orellana, learner from Agora

“The desinfoend has a different methodology than what I know which I appreciated. My task was to facilitate . Diversity was welcomed”- Anna Martineli , volunteer from Villa Montesca

The tangible impact of the DesinfoEND course became evident as learners shared how it motivated them to develop critical thinking skills. In an era dominated by a vast sea of online information, the project’s emphasis on cultivating discernment resonated with participants, highlighting the relevance and effectiveness of such initiatives.

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