Our Toolkit

The disinfoEND toolkit is designed for educators to combat disinformation in adult education.

It comprises of two key components:

1. the desinfoEND Methodology: The methodology draws from the Dialogic Media and Digital Literacy Methodology, focusing on Dialogic Media Literacy Gatherings to foster critical thinking and essential ICT and ML competencies.

2. the desinfoEND Curriculum: The curriculum provides a targeted DML program addressing disinformation on topics such as health, migration, ethnic minorities, and gender violence. It includes competences aligned with DigComp, specific topics, practical activities, and materials for critical analysis.

    • The curriculum also had a testing phase which involved a pilot course spanning 64 hours over four months, engaging adults aged 55 and above, unemployed, or with low education levels across five countries.

Below you will find both the Curriculum and Methodology as well as videos from our testing phase with testimonials by our participants. 

The DesinfoEND Methodology

The DesinfoEND Curriculum

The DesinfoEND Piloting

Critical Thinking against Disinformation